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E-Book: 10 Essential Herbs.


10 Essential Herbs

Everyone's Handbook To Health

By Lalitha Thomas


"I use this book everyday and love it."

"10 Essential Herbs hits the mark. It's pure genius to limit the consideration to just ten herbs..."

"I cured an ovarian tumor with this book."

"Everything I have tried in this book worked just exactly she said it does."

"Invaluable self-treatment book!"

"Best Little Herbal, I love this book!"

This book has become a CLASSIC in its field because of the high quality of the information that's presented and the clarity in the way it's presented.

  • Accessible Information
  • Concise Presentation
  • Humorous Stories
  • Intelligently Written


From the introduction: Lalitha's extensive knowledge relative to the botanicals she has elected to write about is quite impressive to say the least. She is someone who gives plants personality and feeling!

It shows in how as well as what she writes about. These various herbs come alive on the pages, colored not only by her own sensitivities, but also fully endowed witrh the dynamic energy of her very capable expertise.

She has graduated from the hills and dales, forests and mountains, and meadows and prairies of Mother Nature U. These were the classrooms in which she studied ardently and diligently, applying herself well to the tasks at hand.

In clear and concise terms she take the guesswork out of herbs. Under her reliable tutelage even the most novice of users of botanicals will soon become qualified enough to use those she covers in a safe and effective way. That is saying a lot considering just how many other herb books are out there at present. It's a true winner in every sense of the word. A reliable gem for consumers to place confidence in.

Botanical medicine in this country will benefit from your book for years to come.


"My Right Hand Man... I have a large library of natural healing and nutritional books and this book is ALWAYS the one that works for me, our family and even our pets."

"This is a great book for anyone that wants to take responsibility for maintaining good health with herbs."

"Excellent material, easy to follow and very informative. I use this book constantly. The herbs are easy to access, the material gives easy to follow information on how to incorporate the herbs into your life. It is excellent. I read herbal books constantly, and have quite a library. when I need information, or I need a remedy....this is the book I run to..."

"I use this book everyday and love it. I am a mother of five and this book is the first book I grab for everyday ailments in our household. 10 Essentials has a down-to-earth quality that is lacking in medicinal herb field. This is the only book I have come across that covers the whole family from Grandparents to Infants. I also like the stories and quirky little poems Lalitha has to demonstrate and entertain. I especially like how she includes children in her teaching. I have passed that along to my own children. She keeps it short and sweet, just ten herbs, and very little prep to use natures medicine. I highly recommend this book."

"Ten Essential Herbs hits the mark. It was pure genius to limit the consideration to just ten herbs which are easily accessible to anyone, and yet which also cover so many basics in health care. The stories had me rolling on the floor, the instructions for usage left me confident, and the results are astounding. Lalitha's style is so clear and inspiring that even those treatments which at first appear difficult or "off-putting," are easily engaged, such as the cayanne eye-wash which I can personally testify is amazingly effective! Even my 70 year old mother who wouldn't know a naturopath from a birdbath read the whole book cover to cover and loved it."

"I cured a ovarian tumor with this book. This book should be called herbal remedies for the complete newbie! This is the best easiest book on how to get and stay healthy your ever going to need. The largest part of the herbs you need you can get at the local grocery store in the spice section., How much easier does it get?The doc said I had an ovarian tumor. One week of drinking a tea in this book and no more tumor. Does any one know how much money that saved not to mention pain and recovery? Even my doc says he never sees us hardly any more, because we are healthier now then we have ever been in our life"

"Everything I have tried in this book worked just exactly as she said it does. My son now goes into the herb shelf and fixes himself & the dogs up. No side effects. Cured parvo, major cuts and wounds in our dogs with this book. I cured 3rd degree burns covering both hands over night with a combination of herbs I learned about in this book. I still have the scars on the part I did not use the herb on to prove it.

"Its the best money you are ever going to spend in your life to get and stay healthy. That reminds me I wore mine out and need to get another copy. buy extras for your family its the best present ever."

"A wonderful book for natural healing! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I went out and bought all the herbs and was impressed at the ease of the book's directions and the success of the usage. I highly recommend this book."

"A compelling introduction to herbalism! Yes, the cover looks sensational. Yes, the book purports to rely on only ten herbs for cures to everything. But the personal stories Ms. Thomas uses to illustrate her points are fascinating to read, and she makes basic herbalism simple and easy to understand. Moreover, she relies on at least four herbs which double as common food ingredients. Ms. Thomas combines her friendly prose with some really dippy poems about each herb and some well-founded calls to responsible usage. Some of the ideas may be a bit off-putting (a cayenne eyewash, for one), but most are harmless and well-worth trying out. The book ... for the beginner, it's a joy."

"Invaluable self-treatment book! I have had this book for years ever since I heard an adulatory review on NPR; it has been immensely helpful for both me and all my pets--rabbits and parakeets, and has saved me a good deal on doctor and vet bills. She is incredibly knowledgeable, meticulous about administration of the herbs, and reassuring. It is a godsend that the herbs are common...and can be found in a mainstream grocery store or farmer's market. Amazingly effective applications and yet not common knowledge--a great reference book for your home."

"Best Herb Book! This was the first herb book I bought and it is still the best. Some of the herbs/spices/onions/garlic are already in your cupboard. The rest can be ordered from the internet. This wonderful book, tells you how to utilize the herbs. I'll say it again, buy this book!"

"Best Little Herbal.I love this book! It is helpful for those just learning herbs or those who know alot already.... it is an herb book worth having on your shelf and referring to."

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10 Essential Herbs
By Lalitha Thomas
ISBN: 978-0-9777356-5-5
386 Pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

10 Essential Herbs eBook
By Lalitha Thomas
ISBN: 978-0-9838455-3-9
386 Pages, 5.5" x 8.5"
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